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What is money and how does it affect us? A proper view of money is necessary to live in today's world. Ben and Elmer also discuss how to see the true value of a product. Do you know how to assign monetary value to a product you are selling. Read More
November 8, 2013
Part two of writing your mission statement. Ben and Elmer give advice on discovering your values dreams and passions. Each area is important when building a quality mission statement. Making a mission statement can be both fun and rewarding. Have you discovered your mission? Read More
October 16, 2013
Are you failing enough? Failure has been a big topic for me over the past year. It is not that everyone fails during life but how they treat failure afterwards that makes the difference. Failure used to mean defeat, I'm worthless, and it's impossible etc. My value as a person was based upon my failures. There are several things I have since learned about failure. Success is only possible if you have the proper view of failure. You can't have success without failure. Look at Milton S. Hershey the founder of the Hershey chocolate company. Before starting Hershey, Milton went Read More
October 9, 2013
Why is it important to write a personal  mission statement. Understand the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement. Elmer and Benjamin share parts of their personal mission statements and why they are so valuable. What could you gain by writing your own statement? Read More
October 2, 2013
Wednesday brings a smile to peoples faces for many reasons. Every Wednesday I hear "do you know what day it is?" and "happy hump day" all day long. Hump day is the mountain top of the week. We are on top of the mountain ready to coast down the well worn path. TGIF looms close in the distance. This reminds me of King Sisyphus who was condemned to repeatedly push a boulder up a hill. Are we doomed to push a boulder to the top of a hill "hump" only to have it roll to the bottom. We then take a two day break before repeating the pointless task over and over again. Is this all their is to our Read More